I recently came across an old CD of mine, a piece of music, a chant actually, that I used to sing regularly in the past. This piece of music, more than any other, had the ability to move me deep into my heart.

I wondered if it would still have that impact on me now. I decided to play it.

I turned on the sound system, waited for it to warm up, and then I pressed the “play” button on my CD player. I quickly took my seat opposite the speakers. The music began.

With the opening chords, I felt as if I were being propelled directly into the center of my chest.

I could both “see” and feel my heart open wide, much like a stop-action film of a flower opening to the sun. The feeling that came with it was intense.

But that was just the beginning. The center of the flower then opened up and revealed an immense space within it. I was pulled into this opening and I felt myself descending into a limitless space.

Suddenly an image started to form in my consciousness. As it appeared I was overcome with emotion.

I fell forward off my chair and onto my knees on the floor. The inner pressure was unbearable. I started to sob, and the crying helped release the pressure. When the tears were over, I returned to my seat.

My eyes were closed, but still I “saw” it.

There appeared a vision of a path. I understood it to be the path of our life’s journey. But it had a strange shape. It was unlike any configuration or representation of the life’s journey I had seen before.

Most representations I have seen, including those which I myself have formulated, depict the path of life in a linear configuration. There are variations to this theme, most notably, the idea that our consciousness grows and expands and we become wiser with age. The journey is usually portrayed as horizontal, vertical or as an upward slope as we develop “higher” or more loving characteristics.

The figure I was now seeing was completely different. It was circular in shape.

I was confused. What kind of journey is circular? What kind of change does it depict?

What was this image telling me?

The Circular Journey website is coming in Summer, 2022

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